lifetime tv spot

the sound edit it kinda rough but it what im going for, which, is why i have the mouth sound effects.

im putting a tag line at the end,

"drama you want"

or "better then you drama"



DREAM survey one. Survey collecting info to determine cause of dreams and nightmares. If you would like to contribute please follow the link below or above.



Type Specimen Book

The topic of my type Specimen book is dreams. What dreaming is. What types of dream, how we experience and an all around connection to our physical and subconscious.

This is my second revision. I will be updating this book soon.


My Personality

Below is a taste of my personality and interest as a graphic designer. Im diverse & have large array in my approach to design problems. I also try to take dramatic and exaggerated perspectives when appropriate to the design problem.

Click the title "MY PERSONALITY" to see more of my design and illustration work.